यदि आपका व्यवसाय इंटरनेट पर नहीं है, तो आपका व्यवसाय व्यवसाय से बाहर हो जाएगा।


Prime Seller

Selling online on DSM Online is an easy and effective way to reach Thousands of potential buyers. Whether you sell a little or sell in bulk, DSM Online provides you all the required tools and services to reach buyers online effectively.

1.Advertise your product on DSM PRIME

Your listings might go unnoticed in the flood of listings by various sellers.

With your PRIME membership,you have access to exclusive DSM PRIME.Your PRIME membership includes the advertisement of your listed products over the HOME PAGE,where the exclusive designed banner will advertise your products.

This advertisement banner will benefit you to reach the potential customers(24*7) Leap forward to grab your customers.

2. Listing & Handling Support For DSM PRIME

As you know your inventory has to be listed over our platform. This will need a system set-up through which you can upload your products for selling. If you manage these on your own ,its well and good. If not,nothing to worry.

With your PRIME membership,we provide the same assistance regarding listing and handling of your inventory.For non-PRIME sellers there is only listing assistance while our exclusive PRIME will enjoy both.

Subscribe to DSM PRIME and set yourself free,let us service you.

3. Special Query Telephonic Line For DSM PRIME

We aim to ease the complexities for sellers.PRIME Seller will get a hotline assistance.

All of your doubts and raised questions are valuable to us.We are keen to listen our PRIME Seller and dedicated to resolve the issues ASAP.

For this we are providing a HOTLINE to resolve all your problems regarding DSM ONLINE. The HOTLINE no. will be mailed to our PRIME seller after subscription.

4. Business Mentorship Support weekly

The PRIME membership provides you the opportunity to interact with our business enhancer team.

PRIME sellers will get this benefit weekly from our team.The team will guide you how and what to list from your inventory in order to increase the selling ratio.

Our team is skilfully oriented to the market demand regarding products over quantity and quality basis.Utilize our team to boom your business.

5. Sell and earn real profit

DSM PRIME enables you to earn 5% of your monthly selling amount,if it exceeds from Rs 50,000.

If you sell worth Rs50,000 in a month then DSM PRIME subscription enables you to get 5% of this amount directly to your ragistered bank account.
Sell of INR50,000 in a month,you get 2,500(5%) and if sell of INR60,000 in a month you get INR3,000(5%).

Your monthly selling amount should be greater than or equal to INR 50,000. As this is monthly profit to you by our side,boom the business-touch the limit and earn the real profit.

Secure payments, regularly.

Funds are safely deposited directly to your bank account, even for Pay on Delivery orders, every 7-10 days.

Ship your orders, stress-free

Whether you choose Fulfillment by DSM Online (FBA) or Easy Ship, let us take care of delivering your products.

Services to help you through every step

Get paid support from certified third party professionals for product photography, account management and much more